The Honor Delegate program gives students the opportunity to showcase and build upon their leadership skills by taking on an specific responsibilities to help ensure the success of the annual IASC State Convention. These responsibilities vary from providing a good or service to the convention - such as a cash donation or providing snacks for a committee - to presenting and facilitating small group discussions.

Regardless of your current grade or level of leadership skills, the IASC has an Honor Delegate role perfect for you. Applications for Honor Delegates are released each fall, with a due date in late October or early November. Note that any students running for the IASC State Board are ineligible to hold an Honor Delegate position.

1st Vice President Honor Delegates

Discussion Group Leaders and Roundtable Moderators
An unlimited number of students per school may apply for the Discussion Group Leader and Roundtable Moderator positions. Candidates with experience are encouraged to apply for Discussion Group Leader and Roundtable Moderator positions. DGLs and RTMs are required to submit a detailed plan of discussion topics and complete the approval process which will be explained pending acceptance.

  • Discussion Group Leader (DGL): Plans and facilitates an interactive presentation and discussion concerning a specific student council topic. Responsible for visuals, activities, and all details of the session. Must submit a session outline and receive approval from the First Vice President.
  • Roundtable Moderator (RTM): Moderates a session designed for the exchange of student council ideas by presenting topics, leading discussion, and sharing ideas as needed. Must adhere to the official list of topics commissioned by the First Vice President.

An unlimited number of students per school may apply for the Recorder positions. Only first and second year high school student council members are encouraged to apply for a Recorder position as Recorders are given the opportunity to observe and gain experience.

  • Recorder: Records outstanding ideas and concepts discussed in discussion groups and roundtables for reporting to the First Vice President. Facilitates an evaluation at the end of discussion group or roundtable and submits evaluation slips to the First Vice President. Assists an assigned discussion group leader or roundtable moderator.

Honor Book Evaluation Committee
An unlimited number of students per school may apply for the Honor Book Evaluation Committee. Candidates with understanding of the honor book score cards are encouraged to apply for this committee.

  • Honor Book Evaluation Committee Member: Grades Honor Council books submitted by member schools at the IASC State Convention. This member is also required to be at the IASC Convention by 1 PM on the starting day of the convention.

Constitution and Credentials Committee
Schools may submit only one application for each of the committees. Committees are composed of one student representative from each of the thirteen IASC districts. Committee selection is based on the experience checklist and the corresponding essay. Students who have been highly involved at the local, district, and state levels have a better chance at being selected for a committee position.

  • Constitution Committee
    1. Reviews all constitutional amendments proposed by members schools.
    2. Determines level of recommendation for proposed amendments.
    3. Committee chair will present a report on final recommendations for each amendment during the Third General Session of the IASC State Convention.
  • Credentials Committee
    1. Required to meet in-person in February for training and interviews.
    2. Interviews all students running for IASC Executive Board.
    3. Evaluates each student and his or her credentials as outlined by the IASC Constitution.
    4. Committee chair will present a report on final recommendations to be announced at the IASC State Convention.

2nd Vice President Honor Delegates

Hall of Ideas
The IASC Hall of Ideas is a space dedicated to showcasing unique events and projects from councils across the state. The presentations will include one free-standing display board and handouts describing their project. Examples of topics include:

  • Specific activities
  • Fundraisers
  • Unique events
  • Successful drives

Service Projects
A Service Project honor delegates supplies goods and/or services to aid the host school for State Convention. You and your school will have the ability to decide what you feel would be the most helpful, whether that is a donation, a raffle basket, or some other contribution to the convention's success. Suggested projects include:

  • $25 donation
  • Raffle gift cards ($25 minimum)
  • Raffle baskets ($25 value)
  • Snacks for Honor Council Committee
  • Snacks for Credentials Committee